• Shadow Lake Banff National Park

Shadow Lakeshore Trail

Rating: Easy
Distance: 3km
Elevation gain: Negligible
Allow: 1 to 2 hours return
Follow the well-trod path from the lodge southwest through the forest where you will emerge from the trees to see the iconic view of Shadow Lake and the East face of Mt. Ball. At this point if you wish to continue to the end of the lake, double back about 50 feet until the trail branches off toward the north. This gently rolling path follows high above the lake with occasional views of the water below. At the 2km mark the trail slowly begging’s to descend and opens into willow brush at the foot of Mt. Ball. From here you can see the deep blue color of the lake and the occasional trout leap as it feeds at the mouth where the fresh glacial silt spills into the lake.


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