• Picture of Shadow Lake Lodge at night, Banff National Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Shadow Lake Lodge?
Shadow Lake Lodge is in the backcountry of Banff National Park, 13 kilometres (nine miles) from the nearest road. See the Trip Preparation page for access details.

How long does it take to hike into Shadow Lake Lodge?
Depending on your ability, 3-5hrs.

Is Shadow Lake Lodge open year-round?
The summer season at Shadow Lake lodge runs from late June to late September and the winter season from late January to late March.

Are children welcome at Shadow Lake Lodge?
Of course! Children of all ages are welcome. Visitors with younger children often use a chariot type of transportation to assist their children on the way to the lodge.

Can I fish in Shadow Lake?
Yes. Brook, cutthroat, and rainbow trout are present in the lake, but you will need to purchase a fishing licence from the Park Visitor Centre in Banff before your arrival.

Can I bring my dog to Shadow Lake Lodge?
Sorry, but we do not allow any pets at the lodge.

Is smoking allowed?
We do not allow smoking in any of the cabins.

Is there electricity in the cabins?
Yes, each cabin has a power source operated by solar panels.

Can I use my cell phone or other mobile devices while at the lodge?
No wifi available or cell service in the area.

Am I required to tip the staff?
Gratuities are a welcome reflection of the quality of service rendered

Upon arrival to Shadow Lake Lodge all guests must have signed our waiver.
-> Read waiver here.