Environmental Practices

One of the biggest reasons visitors from around the world are drawn to Shadow Lake Lodge is to enjoy the wilderness of Banff National Park. It’s only natural that we do whatever we can to minimize the impact the lodge and its guests have on the surrounding environment.

The footprint of the lodge is very small and there is no development beyond our cabins. This allows our guests to step away from their cabin and immediately be surrounded by natural forests and meadows filled with native wildflowers.


All heating and cooking needs are met by propane which is transported in over the winter and stored in holding tanks. Water for washing is heated on demand. The lodge runs on solar power, which we maximize with the use of energy efficient light bulbs.

Water and Waste

Drinking water at Shadow Lake Lodge originates from an underground spring. All water is treated and filtered to standards set by the Alberta Health Standards (Health Unit).

To remove grease and food particles, grey water is oxygenated. It then passes through a settling system before being dispersed into the ground soil through a series of buried perforated pipes. Known as a “tile field,” when this dispersion facility was set up we used a special sod cutter to reduce disturbance to natural plant cover. Today, looking out over the meadow in front of the cabins, it is difficult to even know that it exists.

All blackwater is removed by helicopter throughout the season.

Reduced Operational Impacts

The following are examples of other initiatives that we are proud to have introduced at Shadow Lake Lodge:

  • Packaging is minimized through the purchase of bulk foods
  • No bottled water or soft drinks are brought into the lodge
  • Groceries, laundry and garbage are packed in and out by horse
  • Many of the products we use are environmentally friendly. All soaps and detergents are phosphate-free.
  • Recyclables such as glass, metal, and plastics are sorted and packed out to a recycling facility in Banff